Kollel Vayigdal Moshe in Ramat Beit Shemesh


Kollel Vayigdal Moshe is a great idea waiting to happen.  For now, the aim is to create a night Kollel.  The motivation behind the idea and the goals thereof are multifaceted.  First of all, a Kollel in memory of Rav Twersky is an extremely fitting way to honor and perpetuate his legacy.  Harbatzas Torah was the crowning gem of his life, and a Kollel in his memory that promotes that goal is something that will most definitely bring him tremendous nachas ruach.  Furthermore, the Kollel would afford avreichim – who currently spend the bulk of their day learning slowly b’iyun – an opportunity to cover serious ground with ample chazaros.  Rav Twersky always urged his talmidim to place kol ha’Torah kulah in their minds as an attainable goal, and take concrete steps towards achieving broad ranging kinyan Torah.  Central to the idea behind the Kollel is that we are looking to constitute it primarily with talmidim of Yeshivas Toras Moshe.  For many young couples, Ramat Beit Shemesh (particularly Gimmel) provides an affordable opportunity of finding a makom for long-term settling.  Integrating into a community, though, is not always such a simple process – wherever one may be in the world – and Kollel Vayigdal Moshe will provide the social infrastructure to greatly ease and facilitate that process.

If you are a Toras Moshe alumnus (or current talmid) looking for an amazing opportunity to be part of an incredible Kollel and chevrah, do get in touch with us for more information about this amazingly potential-packed idea!

Of course, im ein kemach ein Torah.  We need your support to make this Kollel evolve from being an amazing idea to an incredible reality!  Here are our sponsorship opportunities:

~One avreich for a whole year – $3,000

~The entire Kollel for a whole month – $2,500

~One avreich for half a year – $1,500

~One avreich for three months – $750

~One avreich for one month – $250

All donations are tax deductible.  Click here to donate now!  Alternatively, you can make out a check to:

Gilo Charity Fund (tax ID # 47-4309738)

and mailed to:

Gilo Charity Fund

3 Myrtle Place

Lakewood, NJ 08701


Please make sure to include a separate note that reads: “Kollel Vayigdal Moshe c/o Yehoshua Berman”

Thank you for your support!